Environmental Assessment and Planning is a broad field that encompasses environmental impact assessments (EIA's),environmental assessment, and environmental planning, as well as environmental monotoring and control and integrated environmental management. BCK has established their credibility in all these fields and has been recongnised for their accomplishments (see Awards page).

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Integrated environmental management (IEM), planning and assessment
  • Environmental control guidelines and specifications
  • Natural resource management
  • Waste disposal planning and management
  • Pollution control guidelines
  • Environmental monotoring and audits
  • Industrial planning and design
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
Driekoppies Dam return channel, before and after


Bapela Cave Klapwijk goes beyond environmental impact assessments into the field of work that seeks to repair the impacts that humans activities have on landscape. In this way we offer a comprehensive service to our clients while insuring the protection of our natural resources.

  • Land reclamation and rehabilitation planning and design
  • Environmental rehabilitaion planning for mines and quarries


BCK has established itself as a leader in the field of Visual Impact Assessment in South Africa.  We continue to provide assessments of increasing value, combining our knowledge and experience with computer technology.  Utilising this technology, we are able to create simulations of a variety of project types.

  • Visual Imapct Assessment
Thukela visual impact assessment


Site and Master Planning is an integral part of any development. Without it, the function, legibility and attractiveness of a site can be lost, giving way to confused, unusable and unattractive sites. As landscape architects, Bapela Cave Klapwijk have a great deal of experience that will ensure the best possible master plan solution.

  • Site selection assessment
  • Regional planning
  • Coastal planning
  • School and campus planning and design
  • Zoo planning and design


Urban landscape design has long been an overlooked field in South Africa. The importance of such work is becoming clear, as those urban areas that have not received proper design attention slide into degeneration. The financial and design success of Hatfield Square bears out the potential that these areas offer. The international experience of all of the members of BCK brings a knowledge of the possibilities of urban areas found in Europe, the United States and Canada. This knowledge is utilised in urban landscape design projects.

  • Urban site design
  • Urban landscape renewal
  • Urban open space planning and design
Hatfield Square, Pretoria
Hatfield Square, Pretoria

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