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Bapela Cave Klapwijk produce landscape design solutions of high value and quality. Our recent design of ISCOR Head office in Pretoria has been featured in the magazine Parks and Grounds. Our history of return clients bears testimony to our design perfomance. Our design philosphy combines function and aesthetics with practical and environmental sounds solutions.

  • Landscape design
  • Commercial and office planning and design
ISCOR Head Office, New main building
Africon Headquarters, Pretoria
Hampton Park, Sandton Hampton Park, Sandton
Gateway, Pretoria


Bapela Cave Klapwijk provide comprehensive tourism and recreation planning services. In many of the planning efforts for tourism, the resources that are drawing the tourists are often forgotten. With the loss of the environmental resource or the town character comes the loss of the tourism base. With proper environmental and landscape planning and design, the tourism or recreation base can be preserved and improved. A particular speciality that has been developed is the planning and design of trail systems.

  • Resort planning and design
  • Recreation planning and design
  • Golf course planning and design
  • Trail planning and design
3D Visualisations of gorlfcourse


The increasing population of our urban and suburban areas reinforces the value of the open green spaces within and surrounding these areas. As the need for parks increases, so does the need for proper planning and design of these parks in order to fully realise their potential. BCK has the experience to ensure the success of these parks, having planned and designed a variety from regional game parks to small nature reserves within urban areas to community parks.

  • Park planning and design
  • Nature conservancy planning
  • Community park planning and design
Khubu Island, Botswana


The importance of proper planning and design of community environments is being recognised as one of the key differences between surviving and thriving. As South Africa develops, it is important, that in addition to serving their basic needs, we can create within the community opportunities for increased quality in social and environmental conditions. Bapela Cave Klapwijk strives to provide, through planning and design, a quality living environment.

  • Community upliftment planning and design
  • Neighbourhood and regional park planning and design
President Nelson Mandela at the official opening of the park
Sketch plan design of the park
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