About Us


Our mission is based on the integration of conservation and development through the application of researched ecological principles and processes, equitable and cost-effective land planning and design services. This is underlined by a commitment to the belief that natural resources must be utilised in a sustainable and rational manner


The professionals of BCK offer a comprehensive range of skills, from the leadership and co-ordination of complex multi-disciplinary assessment and planning teams, to the detailed design of urban and commercial-scale landscape architectural plans. This allows us to provide integrated land planning, development and design services in a wide range of work encompassing varying degrees of complexity.

Over the last thirteen years, BCK has gained recognition as a leader in environmental assessment and planning. A significant part of our development has been through our involvement in multi-disciplinary teams where our input on landscape and development planning issues has been an integral part of the success of the project.

BCK are pioneering the concept of combining design implementation with the training of local people. This enables trainees to obtain on-site experience and marketable skills that will facilitate the social upliftment of the individual and that of the community.

BCK have kept abreast of current issues, environmental legislation and planning issues through their membership with associations such as the Institute of Waste Management and the International Association of Impact Assessors of South Africa. In addition, staff members hold memberships with the Institute of Landscape Architects of South Africa, the Gauteng Society for Landscape Architecture, the American Society of Landscape Architects.

As computer technologies develop, BCK strives to remain at the forefront, utilising many different programs to facilitate effective and efficient designing, drafting and planning solutions. Of particular note is our increasing skill in creating photo montage simulations for visual impact analysis, G.I.S and multimedia 3-D presentations.

3-D Generated image of Golf course

BCK's team approach to environmental assessment, planning and design ensures that all necessary considerations such as slope, aspect, climate, vegetation, soils, hydrology, geohydrology, circulation, visual, social and economic aspects are taken into account in the development of a final management plan. 

BCK are licensed to practice landscape architecture in South Africa through their registration with the Board of Control for landscape architects in South Africa.

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